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Fiona Feng-Hsin Liu
Associate Professor
The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
04-2284-0322 ext 405
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Liberal Arts Bldg. 405
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 劉鳳芯。當代台灣兒童圖畫中的 社會空間、權力、與後現代性台灣童年。《兒童文學批評理論研究論叢》。台東:國立台東大學兒童文學研究所。2010:48-62。


劉鳳芯。兒童教戰守策:以台灣當代兒童戰爭小說《小英雄與老郵差》及《小婉心》為例《中國現代文學》13 (2008.6): 81-100.




劉鳳芯。《神隱少女》中的賤斥情境、少女、與卡哇伊《婦研縱橫》86 (2008.4): 49-57



Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "Let Children's Wounds Speak: Reading Thursday's Child as a Trauma Narrative for Children." In Clare Bradford and Valerie Coghlan (Eds.) Expectations and Experiences: Children, Childhood and Children's Literature. Staffordshire, UK: Pied Piper, 2007: 178-90.


Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "Telling and Picturing 9/21 for Children."《靜宜大學第十屆「兒童文學與兒童語言」學術研討會論文集》。台北:富春文化,200685-131


Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "Trauma Narrative for Children and Childhood Representation." 《兒童文學學刊》第15 (2005)55-82




Bradbury, Steve, and Fiona Feng-Hsin Liu. "Everywhere a Children's Book: The View from Taiwan."  The Horn Book Magazine  LXXIX. 2 (Mar. - April 2003): 239-48.(本文為國科會專題計畫NSC89-2411-H-143-003成果之一)





論文發表 Dissertation
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國內、外研討會 Seminar
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Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. “Mapping the World: Topographical Representation and the Sense of Place in Peter Sís’s Picture Books.” Paper presented at the 19th Biennial Congress of International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) Frankfurt, Germany: Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main. August 8-12, 2009.

Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. “Children and Social Space: The Discourses of Late Modern Childhood in Children’s Picture Books of Taiwan.” Paper presented at the 1st Conference on Children’s Literature Children’s Literature and Visual Arts. Taiwan: Tunghai University. May 16, 2009.

Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "Abjection, the Shōjo, and the Kawaii Aesthetics in Miyazaki'Spirited Away." Paper presented at "Relevant Across Cultures: Visions of   Connectedness and World Citizenship in Modern Fantasy for Young Readers." Wrocław, Poland. 28-31 May, 2008.

Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "The Witches Must Live: How Witches Empower Teen Girls' Adolescence in Contemporary Young Adult Fictions." Paper presented at the 33rd Annual Children' s Literature Association Conference. Los Angeles, June 8-10, 2006. (本文為國科會專題計畫NSC94-2413-H-005-001成果之一)

Liu, Fiona Feng-Hsin. "Let Their Wounds Speak: The Trauma Memory, Specter Representation, and Childhood Image in Sonya Hartnett's Thursday's Child and Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones."  Paper presented at International Research Society for Children's Literature (IRSCL) 17th Biennale Congress. Dublin, Aug 13-17, 2005.

劉鳳芯。〈後設兒童圖畫書〉。發表於屏東師院「幼兒文學的玫瑰園:幼兒文學的後設議題」學術研討會。 20055月。

Fiona Feng-Hsin. "We are Reading Picture Books, too!: The Emergence and Development of Picture Books in Taiwan." Paper presented at Reading the World VII, sponsored by University of San Francisco, School of Education. Mar. 2005.

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