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International Journal of Sport and Exercise Science is published on behalf of the Lab of Computer Simulation in Biomechanics, National Chung Hsing University , Taiwan. This Journal is devoted to publishing essays related to sport and exercise sciences, including sports medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition of exercise, sports biomechanics, coaching and training, development of sports devices and computer simulation of human motions . The aim is to enhance the level of sports technology and physical fitness. The essays of inventivenes s and those serving the above purposes are welcome.

2. On submission, authors should send a hard copy and an electronic copy (on a compact disc) of manuscript to Editor-in Chief including a cover letter. Papers submitted to the Journal will be refereed anonymously by acknowledged experts in the subject; at least two such referees will be involved in this process. In the event of conflicting reviews, the Section Editor will normally seek a further independent review. When preparing manuscripts, please use a standard word-processing package, such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.
3. The manuscript must be in English; US English spellings and words should be used in preference to other versions of English. It must be word-processed, double-spaced throughout, with a 2.5 cm margin on the left and right side, with no 'headers and footers' (other than page numbers), and without footnotes unless these are absolutely necessary. The first page of the manuscript should include the following information: the full title; the names of the authors without qualifications or titles; the affiliations of the authors; the name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the author responsible for all correspondence and correction of proofs. Arrange the manuscript under headings (such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions) and subheadings. Ideally, the main body of the text should not exceed 6,000 words, excluding references. Longer manuscripts may be accepted at the discretion of the respective Section Editor.
4. Illustrations and tables must accompany the manuscript but not be included in the text. Diagrams and drawings should be produced using a computer drawing or graphics package. The captions must be numbered in the order on a separate sheet.
5. References in the text should be numbered with bracket by its appearance order. The full references should be listed following the text of the manuscript. Some example are given as follow:
  Journal paper:
  [1]  Madsen, K., Pedersen, P.K., Djurhuus, M.S., & Klitgaard, N.A. (1993). Effects of detraining on endurance capacity and metabolic changes during prolonged exhaustive exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology , 75, 1444-1451.
  Chapter in book:
  [2]  Nobel, E.G., & Taylor, A.W. (1992). Biochemistry and physical activity. In C. Bouchard, B.D. McPherson, and A.W. Taylor (Eds.), Physical activity sciences (pp. 51-55). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
  [3]  Hoy, W.K., & Miskel, C.G. (1996). Educational administration: Theory, research, and practice (5th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.
  [4]  Borgman, C.L. (1988). Human factors in the use of information systems: Research methods and results. In Tudor-Silovie, N. & Mihel, I. (Eds.), Information research: Research methods in library and information science (pp. 139-165). London: Taylor Graham.
  [5]  Chaffin, N.J. (1999, May 19). U. S. serial services price index for 1999. American Libraries , 94-95. Retrieved June 5, 1999 from the World Wide Web:

The submitted manuscripts must use SI Units (Metric) in text. Use only standard symbols and abbreviations unless defined when first used in the text.

7. Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for correction in electronic form. The difficulty and expense involved in making amendments at proof stage make it essential for authors to prepare their manuscript carefully; any alterations to the original text are strongly discouraged. Our aim is rapid publication; this will be helped if authors provide good copy, follow the above instructions, and return their proofs as quickly as possible.
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