About the research group

The research interests focus on the design, preparation and characterization of functional biomedical polymeric materials 
in applications of drug delivery. In attempt to enhance the therapeutic efficacy and reduce the side effects of biological 
active compounds, biomedical polymeric materials designed and fabricated in various molecular and supramolecular architectures 
as drug carriers are being studied in this group. These include:
1. Design, synthesis and characterization of targetable polymeric drug conjugates.
          2. Thermodynamic analysis of swelling and mechanical properties of functional hydrogels as drug delivery systems.
          3. Molecular architecture design of temperature/pH responsive shell crosslinked micelles and pH-responsive multivesicle assemblies and 
              their supramolecular structure characterizations for site-specific drug delivery.
          4. Interactions of layered silicate/polymer nano-materials with proteins and their applications in biomedical engineering field.

Current studies for polymeric drug carriers : multi-responsive shell crosslinked micelles and pH-responsive multivesicles 

Multi-responsive shell crosslinked micelles

pH-responsive multivesicle assemblies

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