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¾ last update: Jan. 11, 2017


Ankerius aenigmaticus, a new genus & new species of symbiotic crab from Red Seanew3.gif (6196 bytes)

Yuebeipotamon calciatile, a new genus & new species of freshwater from Guangdong, Chinanew3.gif (6196 bytes)

Systematics of the Ocypodidae, with the grouping of fiddler crabs new3.gif (6196 bytes)

Longpotamon, a new genus for the widely-distributed freshwater crabs of Chinanew3.gif (6196 bytes)

The Chaenostoma boscii complex from Indo-West Pacific new3.gif (6196 bytes)

Coenobita lila, a new land hermit crab from Singapore & adjacent areasnew3.gif (6196 bytes)

Taiwan Crab Fauna (Ocypodoidea)

A new species, Macrophthalmus purpureocheir, with 4 new records of macrophthalmids from Taiwan

A new subgenus, Xeruca, for Uca formosensis

A new subgenus, Petruca, for Uca panamensis


Checklist of Taiwanese Crabs (updated!)

Freshwater crabs of Taiwan, Japan, China


*freshwater crabs:

Yuebeipotamon calciatile (2016)

Longpotamon (2016)

Geothelphusa siasiat  (2008); Geothelphusa makatao (2009); Geothelphusa holthuis (2010); Geothelphusa cilan (2014)

Nanhaipotamon dongyinensis (2005)

Tiwaripotamon vixuyenense (2014); Tiwaripotamon pluviosum (2016)

*fiddler crabs:

subgenus Uca (Xeruca) (2015); subgenus Uca (Petruca) (2015)

Uca jocelynae (2010); Uca splendida (2012); Uca boninensis (2013); Uca occidentalis (2016)

*other estuarine & coastal crabs:

Ankerius aenigmaticus (2016)

Discoplax magna (2014); Discoplax michalis (2015)

Macrophthalmus purpureocheir (2015); 東方開口蟹 Chaenostoma orientale (2015, 2016); 粗掌開口蟹 Chaenostoma crassimanus (2015, 2016)

Mictyris guinotae (2010); Mictyris thailandensis (2013)

Scopimera ryukyuensis (2010); Scopimera sheni & S. philippinensis (2011)

*hermit crabs:

Coenobita lila (2016)

*freshwater shrimps:

Neocaridina saccam, N. ketagalan (2007)


Amynthas shinjiroi; Pithemera tao (2010)

Amynthas ailiaoensis, A. chaishanensis, A. hengchunensis, A. huangi, A. kaopingensis, A. monsoonus, A. nanrenensis (2005)

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red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Fiddler Crabs

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Freshwater Crabs

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Hermit Crabs

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Shrimps

blk_dot.gif (879 bytes) Other Crustaceans

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Myriapods (Centipedes & Millipedes)

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red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Animal Behavior

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red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Travel Miscellany


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books & other publication

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Fiddler Crabs

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) The Ecological Beauty of Kaomei Wetland

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Vanishing Dancers

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Why Do Animals Behave Unusually Before Earthquakes¾¾Birth of Electromagnetic Seismology

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Carcinology in Taiwan

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) ETHOM (software)

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Taiwanese Common Fiddler Crabs (slides)

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) Taiwanese Common Mudflat Crabs (slides)

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E-mail: htshih@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Department of Life Science, National Chung Hsing University, 250, Kuo Kuang Road, Taichung 402, TAIWAN

about teacher & lab

National Chung Hsing Univ: Dept of Life Science: Lab of Invertebrates

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