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Taiwanese Common Fiddler Crabs

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Fiddler crabs, genus Uca, inhabit on the intertidal mudflats, mangroves and estuaries of tropical and subtropical zones. They are the most predominant crabs of the coastal areas. The most obvious character of fiddler crab is the giant cheliped of the male. He waves the halberd to attract the female and expel the other males. The female use the two tiny chelipeds to feed. The topic introduces eight species of Taiwanese common fiddler crabs, U. dussumieri, U. arcuata, U. tetragonon, U. formosensis, U. borealis, U. crassipes, U. triangularis and U. lactea, including the difference between male and female, and the special structure beside the entrance of burrow.

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Taiwanese Common Mudflat Crabs X Mictyridae and Ocypodidae

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The crabs of mudflats are very impressive, including the members of Mictyridae, Ocypodidae and Grapsidae. They are actively to display a series of the social behaviors in hot weather. The topic introduces the crabs other than fiddler crabs, e.g. Mictyris brevidactylus is a monk likes to take a stroll, Ocypode stimpsoni is the champion of the hundred-meter dash, Macrophthalmus banzai possesses a pair of eyestalks similar to periscopes, Scopimera bitympana will blow the balloon while it is eating, Ilyoplax formosensis conflicts with the neighbors frequently, I. tansuiensis likes to direct while walking, and the worship action of Tmethypocoelis ceratophora is extreme exaggerated.

20 slides are included.

Author: Hsi-Te Shih


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