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¡´ Morphology of a crab

¡´ Wetland Crabs of Taiwan

¡½ Freshwater Crabs

¡½ Land Crabs

¡½ Intertidal Crabs:

      Crabs of Coral reefs, Mangroves and Mudflats

¡½ book: Crescent Swordsmen - the Seashore Crabs of Dongsha Island [2020]

l The Taiwanese and Philippine species of the terrestrial crabs Bresedium Serène & Soh, 1970 and Sesarmops Serène & Soh, 1970, with descriptions of two new species [2020]

l The identities of three species of Parahelice Sakai, Türkay & Yang, 2006 from the western Pacific, based on morphological and molecular evidence [2020]

l A new genus for Sesarma (Holometopus) tangi Rathbun, 1931 from mangrove forests, with notes on its ecology and conservation [2020]

l Three new species and two new records of Parasesarma De Man, 1895 from Taiwan and the Philippines from morphological and molecular evidence [2019]

l Eight new records of crabs from the coasts of Taiwan [2019]

l Review of the mudflat varunid crab genus Metaplax from East Asia and northern Vietnam [2019]

l The synonymy of the supratidal crab species Parasesarma cognatum Rahayu & Li, 2013 with P. liho Koller, Liu & Schubart, 2010 based on morphological and molecular evidence, with a note on P. paucitorum Rahayu & Ng, 2009


l Ankerius aenigmaticus, a new genus & new species of symbiotic crab from Red Sea [2016]

l The Chaenostoma boscii complex from Indo-West Pacific [2016]


l A new species, Macrophthalmus purpureocheir, with 4 new records of macrophthalmids from Taiwan [2015]

l Discoplax michalis Ng & Shih, 2015, a new long-legged land crab from Guam [2015]

l Discoplax magna Ng & Shih, 2014, a new land crab from eastern Indian Ocean [2014] (PDF)

l Mictyris thailandensis Davie, Wisespongpand & Shih, 2013 [2013]

red_dot.gif (884 bytes) book: Warrior ¡X The Seashore Crabs of Dongsha Island [2012] (in Chinese)

l Ocypode mortoni from Hong Kong  [2012]

l Scopimera sheni Wong, Shih & Chan, 2011 & S. philippinensis Wong, Shih & Chan, 2011  [2011] (PDF)

l Chinese Uca fauna, with new records [2010]

l Mictyris guinotae Davie, Shih & Chan, 2010 [2010]

l Uca jocelynae Shih, Naruse & Ng, 2010 [2010]

l Scopimera ryukyuensis Wong, Chan & Shih, 2010 [2010] (PDF)

l Three freshwater and coastal crabs new to Penghu, Taiwan, with notes on their biogeographical implications [2008] (PDF)

l Phylogeny of Helice/Chasmagnathus from East Asia (PDF)

l Natural history of the helicid crabs (PDF) (in Chinese)

l Two new records of varunid crabs from southern Taiwan

¡´ Courtships, mating and other behaviors of crabs

¡´ Constructions beside the crab burrow

¡½ Chimney (Uca arcuata) (Uca arcuata) (Uca formosensis) (Uca formosensis) (Uca formosensis) (Cardisoma carnifex)

¡½ Hood (Uca lactea lactea)

¡½ Pillar

¡½ Pyramid

¡´ Crab Ecology

¡½ Timing of Larval Release by Coastal Crabs

¡´ Crabs and Mangroves

¡´ Crabs and Birds

¡´ Studies on the behavioral ecology of crabs

¡½ Methods

¡½ Introduction of photographical equipments

¡´ sale_1.jpg (46567 bytes) slide: Taiwanese Common Mudflat Crabs ¡X Mictyridae and Ocypodidae


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