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Both IMPA and IBPA degree programs are interdisciplinary, scientific, and student-centered approaches to the management and stewardship of crops, natural resources, and environment.


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All the relevant information on our two international degree programs, IMPA & IBPA should be found on these webpages.  If you still have any further question, please do feel free to contact us by sending an email with your specified questions and requests.  We will answer as soon as possible.

Our two international degree programs focus the agricultural production, natural resources management and conservation,  and rural development issues, providing useful, practice-oriented, knowledge-based education ad training.  We provide you with a demanding educational program which would enable you to face challenges in an increasingly connected world order.

We look forward to your inquiry and application and hope to see you in Taichung City soon.



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IMPA & IBPA: 250 Kuo Kuang Road, 40227 Taichung, TAIWAN.    +886-4-22840849      impanchu@dragon.nchu.edu.tw