Java 簡介

Many examples in this document are adapted from Java: How To Program (3rd Ed.), written by Deitel and Deitel, and Thinking in Java (2nd Edition), written by Bruce Eckel. All examples are solely used for educational purposes. Hopefully, I am not violating any copyright issue here. If so, please do email me.

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Written by: 國立中興大學資管系呂瑞麟 Eric Jui-Lin Lu



Trail 1
如果你懂 C/C++
Trail 2
Java 基礎
Java 程式: Hello World
基礎 Java 的快速複習 Object-based 的 Java 程式寫作
常用的 Java 類別
物件導向程式設計入門 繼承與多型入門
More on Java Data Streams
MySQL Server 簡介
Java Servlet 簡介
JSP 簡介
圖表製作:Open Flash Chart 2 簡介
圖形介面的元件: SwingSwing 簡介
Remote Method Invocation 入門

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