MUST READ! Class Schedule & Code of Conduct
Instructor: Professor John Sum, Institute of Technology Management
Office: Room 821, CSSM Building
Time: Friday 09:10-12:00
Classroom: CS121, CSSM Building
Email: (for general enquiries) (for assignments submission)


The primary objective of this course is to provide introductory knowledge for student knowing how a computer and Internet work, and how to write a simple program to instruct the computer to solve a problem. Students will learn the basic working principles of computer technologies, inlcuding (i) how a computer is organized and (ii) how Internet works. Some advanced concepts regarding computer science will be introduced. Moreover, students are expected to appreciate the great ideas contributed by the pioneers in computer science and realize the usages of computer technologies in various areas such as in smart phones and cars.


The course is particularly designed for undergraduate students from the College of Management and the International Bachelor Program in Agribusiness. The medium of instruction is English. All the teaching materials including handouts, examination papers and assignments are in English.


  1. Able to read, write, speak and listen in English.
  2. Skillful in using IE or other browsers to access the Internet, and search on the web.
  3. Able to edit reports using word processing software, like MS WORD.


  1. Use of computer
  2. Use of cell phone
  3. Some skills in the use of computer and cell phone - Password setting, log-out, backup
  4. Breaking through products introduced by Steve Jobs - Apple PC, Macintosh, iTune, iPhone.
  5. History of Computer
  6. History of Telephone; History of iPhone
  7. Industrial Applications of Computer and Internet
  8. Hardware
  9. Operating Systems
  10. Software
  11. Information (Data) Storage and Retrival
  12. Networking - Communications amongst computers and mobile devices
  13. Security
  14. Programming(*) - Building software/apps
  15. Algorithms(*) - Step-by-step procedure for solving problems
  16. HTML
  17. Advanced Topics (Tentative)


  1. 2019 Assignment 1
  2. 2019 Assignment 2
  3. 2019 Assignment 3
  4. 2019 Assignment 4
  5. 2019 Assignment 7
  6. 2017 Assignment 5
  7. 2017 Assignment 6
  8. Assignment 7 (C programming assignment)
  9. Assignment 8 (C programming assignment)
  10. Assignment 9 (C programming assignment)
  11. Assignment 10 (HTML assignment)


  1. Review Questions: Networking and Network Security
  2. Review Questions: The Internet Behind the Web
  3. Review Questions: History of Computer, Inforamtion Systems, E-Commerce, Digital Systems
  4. Review Questions: Digital Systems, Software, Operating Systems
  5. Review Questions: C Programming
  6. Questions on BBC Documentary
  7. C Programming Exercise (Prepared by Luke)
  8. Review Exercise 1
  9. Review Exercise 2 (Prepared by Alan Song)
  10. Review Exercise HTML (In Chinese, extracted from the problem pool and edited by Alan Song)
  11. Review Exercise WORD (in Chinese, extracted from the problem pool and edited by Alan Song)
  12. Review Exercise EXCEL (in Chinese, extracted from the problem pool and edited by Alan Song)


  1. Assignments (Bonus) [10%]
  2. Class Tests (Bonus) [10%]
  3. Mid-term Examination [50%]
  4. Final Examination [50%]


  1. Lecture Notes available on Course Homepage
  2. Lecture Notes written on Blackboard
  3. Handouts to be distributed in the class
  4. Video on Youtube
  5. Articles on Wikipedia
  6. Articles from magazines
  7. Past Papers (Very useful for your examination!)