E-Commerce Project Managment

Instructor: John Sum, Institute of Electronic Commerce
Time: Monday 14:10-15:00 (2009 SPRING)
Venue: Room 204, Hung Tao Building
Email: pfsum@nchu.edu.tw (for general enquiries)
pfsum@yahoo.com.hk (for document submission)
URL: web.nchu.edu.tw/~pfsum/ECPM/ecpm.html


  1. Able to read, write, speak and listen in English.
  2. Skillful in using application software, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and etc.
  3. Skillful in using IE or other browsers to access the Internet, and searching information on the web.
  4. Knowledge in one of the following subjects: Principles of Computing, Computer Literacy, Introduction of Information Systems or Introduction of Information Technologies.




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