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Welcome to Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory

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Yu-Ting Liu (劉雨庭, Lusia) is the P.I. of Environmental Biogechemistry Laboratory and an assistant professor in TungHai university. She is also a expert of analysisi of environmental chemistry and X-ray adsorption spectroscopy (XAS).


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Welcome Our New Members

Welcome our new member Yin-Tsang Su (蘇盈蓁) and Yen-Lin Cho (卓宴琳) to join our lab. as a master degree student in this semester (Sep. 2014).More

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★ Congratulate Jui-Che Sung (宋睿哲) receiving the  outstanding research prize  of the student poster contest in 20th NSRRC user's meeting (2014/09/17 update)

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Latest News

★ Lusia's personal website is now open, we welcome you to join our research work and

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